GoSleep – Rest is more

GoSleep Pods are truly innovative seating solutions designed to add value to the terminal experience, whilst offering quality rest and relaxation to the passenger, complete customer satisfaction and also a fantastic revenue opportunity for the operator.

  • Advertising revenue via side panels (LED optional).
  • User revenue on an hourly basis.
  • Attractive design bringing positive attention to the terminal.
  • Easing congestion and encouraging a smooth flow of passengers throughout the terminal space.
  • Delivered as complete ”plug and play” units.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Use of the finest quality components.

”Skyscanner” survey

A recent ”Skyscanner” survey asked 10,000 passengers what would be featured in their dream airport and 36% concluded Sleep Pods as one of the most requested products for international passenger terminals worldwide. Read it Here.

GoSleep Pods offer customer satisfaction to the airport experience whilst adding value to the bottom line for airports and operators.

GoSleep Pods are brand new, truly unique and innovative seats, designed to provide rest and relaxation for tired passengers, also adding value to the airport experience. GoSleep Pods are the perfect solution for congested terminals, giving customer satisfaction with a quality resting option. GoSleep Pods are quickly becoming a sought after and recognised brand and a world leader in privacy solutions for international airports and passenger terminals, GoSleep Pods are the perfect solution for waiting areas.

Energize yourself!

GoSleep Pods are a revolutionary Finnish designer seat, which offers a soothing relaxation (lie-flat) option, for those with time to spare, and wishing to get some well deserved rest. Each GoSleep Pod can be delivered in various configurations, with optional colours, and including universal (sockets) power outlets for laptops, tablets and mobile phone rechargers, on board internet, a tablet for browsing and a flight aware console for flight and airport announcements.

GoSleep Key Features

Fully automatic reclining seat to lie-flat option.
Hand Baggage storage space (underneath the seat).
Multimedia touch screen console (flight info, alarm clock, payment/entertainment option).
Sound absorption, breathable privacy shade.
Universal recharging points, docking station for Ipod/Mp3 player.
Wireless internet via Broadband (optional).
Comforms to the latest CE guidelines, health and safety regulations.

Multiple ways to enjoy your privacy!

Recovery and regeneration are an important factor in travelling. Since 2012 GoSleep Pods have been successfully operated by some of the worlds busiest airports including Abu Dhabi and Helsinki, GoSleep Pods are the perfect solution to the growing problem of airport delays and congestion.