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GoSleep's Story

Jussi Piispanen, founder of GoSleep, was motorcycling around Europe. The trip that had been a success so far came to a screeching halt when his bike’s engine broke down. His only option was to catch a flight back home. There were no flights until the next morning and all airport hotels were – of course – fully booked.

Jussi was in for a long night at the airport: no hotel room, nowhere to lie down. In low spirits, because of his bike, and barely able to keep his eyes open after a long day, he simply had to get some sleep. At the airport, the benches were too short (on purpose) for him to stretch out his legs. Jussi dismantled the arm rests in the middle of the benches to be able to fully lie down. At night, he received a rude awakening when a cleaning staff member spotted the sleeping man and the dismantled arm rests. When the staff member threatened to call security, Jussi quickly re-assembled the arm rests.

Afterwards, Jussi wondered how it can be possible that there seems to be no solution for such a simple problem? The world is full of common areas where people are trying to sleep and rest in a sitting position.

What could be the answer?

That night, GoSleep’s story began. Jussi’s company began developing a pod designed to offer a private resting space that can be placed in a common area. In line with Finnish functionalism, the pod was designed to have all necessary elements – with nothing extra. The pod’s design was sleek and timeless, yet approachable.

The pods started appearing in airports all over the world. People felt that they were modern, easy-to-use and looked appealing. Above all, it was an easy way to get a few hours of sleep at the airport when booking a hotel room was not practical. The best part: the pods allowed people to rest protected from view and to store their personal belongings safely.

Great inventions gain ground. Travelers who had used the pods on airports started requesting offers for pods to be placed in their company spaces. Suddenly we noticed that the pods were also functional in offices and for employees doing shift work and standby duty. There was a need for having short-term rest protected from view in other settings, too.

Our pods began making their way into offices had us reflecting on not only resting, but also recovering. At work, people face an overload in numerous ways. Some only require short breaks, a little exercise or other personal methods to recover. However, a lot of us find it almost impossible to slow down. The lack of recovery goes unnoticed until our minds and bodies are in overdrive.

That is why we introduced the Pro version, especially designed to be used in offices and in fitness and wellness centers. The pod’s mattress produces a low frequency vibration that affects the autonomic nervous system. The mattresses different programs can help users e.g. relieve stress, combat sleep problems and recover from physical strain faster. The vibration technology has also been developed in Finland. The technology has received positive feedback from thousands of users.

Our slogan is “Rest is more”. Several studies have proved to us that a well-rested person is a better person. More self-compassionate, more pleasant and more productive. That is why we dare to say our pods are the symbol of workplace wellbeing at a waiting area, a fitness center or any workplace.

They offer us all an opportunity to calm down, to rest and to recover – just for a moment, in our own privacy.

Rest and recover in privacy – GoSleep

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