Recovery Pod

GoSleep’s “Recovery Pod” is a private, closed space for lying down. It has been designed for resting, sleeping and recovering in 24/7 workplaces, offices and airports. The pods’ purpose is to offer a fully private resting space protected from view while located in a common area.

How Does the Pod Work?

You lie down inside the pod and slide down the privacy cover. The pod becomes a fully closed, private space. The cover’s material is breathable. The pod has natural air ventilation, which means that air inside the pod is as fresh as the air outside. Holes on the privacy cover make it subtly translucent, making the space pleasantly dim. However, the cover is not see-through: people on the outside cannot see inside the pod.

At the foot of the pod, under the mattress, there is a storage space for your personal belongings. The space is designed to fit a carry-on luggage. The pod’s cover is opened and closed manually by hand. The pod cannot be locked, which means that it is not possible to get stuck inside. The pod is equipped with a USB port. The power of resting inside the pod is based on privacy: no one can see you or disturb you by accident. An open privacy cover is a sign for the pod being available for the next GoSleeper.

Placement and Relocation

The pod’s design is streamlined and timeless, which means that it blends well into different surroundings. The pod’s sides can be customized with your company’s branding. The pods are easy to relocate by, for example, using a pallet jack – the product is essentially Plug &Play. The pods are normally fully installed upon delivery.

The pods are compact in size and can be placed closely together. The pods are a fun design element in the company space and arouse positive interest in your staff and your visitors.

Safety and Maintenance

The pods have a seal of approval from several airports – a sign for the equipment to fulfill strict fire and safety requirements. The pods are opened and closed manually by hand, but they cannot be locked, and in the case of emergency, the cover comes off easily. The Recovery Pod has no easily damaged, maintenance-requiring electronics. Its mattress and surfaces are very easy to keep clean. The pods are made in Finland and assembled in our own production facilities.

Technical Specs & Materials

The pods’ side panels are made of glass fiber and the walls of birch plywood. On the inside, the pods’ walls have a textile upholstery. The pods are furnished with easily cleanable artificial leather mattresses and matching neck pillows.

Size: Width 100 cm x Height 118 cm x Length 227 cm / W: 40 in x H: 46,5 in x L: 90 in

Weight: 185 kg / 408 lbs

Ventilation: Natural air flow, passive ventilation.

Materials: Steel frame, birch plywood walls, glass fiber side panels (styrene-free).

Pods for Offices

Pods for 24/7 Workplaces

Pods for Airports

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