Recovery Pod Pro

Recovery Pod Pro is a pod designed for recovery and relaxation. In addition to the Recovery Pod qualities, the Pro version is equipped with a Neurosonic mattress that produces low-frequency vibration. Low-frequency vibration affects the autonomic nervous system. The mattress’ different programs can help users e.g. relieve stress, combat sleep problems and recover faster from physical activities. The user can choose a program for relaxation, recovery, activation or for power napping.

For Whom?

The Pro model is especially designed for companies looking to provide their employees or their customers the opportunity to prevent stress and to actively recover. Since the Recovery Pod Pro is a private, closeable space for resting, it is the ideal solution for spaces where building private rooms for relaxing and recovering is either impossible or simply not practical. Spaces like this include offices and fitness and wellness centers. The pod’s programs range from 10 to 40 minutes in length, making them accessible to numerous people in a day.

How Do the Pod Pro and Its Programs Work?

Lie down inside the pod and slide down the cover. The pod becomes a fully closed, private space. From the control panel on the wall, choose the program that best suits your needs: relaxation, recovery or activation. Each program’s effects and benefits are clearly described. The programs’ lengths range from 10 to 40 minutes. The mattress in the Pro model has not been designed for sleeping or resting. It is meant to only be used during the selected treatment program.

Relaxation Programs

Relaxing programs can alleviate headaches as well as muscle tension and pain in the back. Relaxing programs have also been designed to alleviate symptoms caused by sleep problems and stress.

Activation Programs

Activation programs have been designed to activate the body’s alertness, to boost metabolism and to relieve tension, aches and pains in the body. Activation programs are recommended to be used during the daytime due to their immediate activating effect. Activation programs are not recommended to be used if the person suffers from sleep problems, bodily stress or is somehow sensitive to vibration stimulation.

Recovery Programs

Recovery programs have been designed to advance physical and mental recovery. The programs strongly increase the flow of blood and fluids in the body while having a relaxing effect on the muscles. Recovery programs can be used for, e.g., advancing recovery and the quality of sleep after physical activity. The programs are also ideal for treating pain, swelling and poor circulation.

Neurosonic Programs and Their Reliability

The Neurosonic technology, developed in Finland, has been on the market since 2011. Several studies have been conducted on the effects of Neurosonic’s programs on the treatment of sleep problems and on tracking athletic performance. The studies, together with the feedback from thousands of customers, serve as a testimony for vibration treatment having a positive effect on relieving stress, boosting recovery, relieving pain and improving sleep quality. Even though there is research evidence and plenty of positive experiences on the preventative and health-promoting effects of vibration treatment, Neurosonic is not a medical device and does not substitute medical treatment from a healthcare professional. The programs also do not remove the core reasons behind, e.g., problems in the musculoskeletal system.

Placement and Relocation

The pod’s design is streamlined and timeless, which means that it blends well into different surroundings. The pod’s sides can be customized with your company’s branding. The pods are easy to relocate by, for example, using a pallet jack – the product is essentially Plug &Play. The pods are normally fully installed upon delivery.

The pods are compact in size and can be placed closely together. The pods are a fun design element in the company space and arouse positive interest in your staff and your visitors.

Safety and Maintenance

The pods have a seal of approval from several airports – a sign for the equipment to fulfill strict fire and safety requirements. The pods are opened and closed manually by hand, but they cannot be locked, and in the case of emergency, the privacy cover comes off easily. The Recovery Pod has no easily damaged, maintenance-requiring electronics. Its mattress and surfaces are easy to keep clean. The pods are made in Finland and assembled in our own production facilities.

Technical Specs & Materials

The pods’ side panels are made of glass fiber and the walls of birch plywood. On the inside, the pods’ walls have a textile upholstery. The pods are furnished with easily cleanable artificial leather mattresses and matching neck pillows.

Size: Width 100 cm x Height 118 cm x Length 227 cm / W: 40 in x H: 46,5 in x L: 90 in

Weight: 200 kg / 441 lbs

Ventilation: Natural air flow, passive ventilation

Materials: Steel frame, birch plywood walls, glass fiber side panels (styrene-free)

Pods for Offices

Pods for Fitness and Wellness Centers

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